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Quality Control & Quality Assurance
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Industry Experience

AUYAN has more than three (3) decades of experience in this industry with a professional and proven track record.

Industry Standard Quality

We maintain very high standard of quality through our quality management and Assurance process We strickly maintain Newly recruited personnel are thoroughly verified for their characters, criminal records, last 5 years Employment records, Academic Certificates records etc., by the police authorities. We provide class room and hands on safety training to ensure that our skilled personnel deployed for various clients are properly trained and developed necessary skill required to perform their duties. For continuous performance improvement we also provide On Job Training to our Personnel where supervisor closely monitor and guide their subordinate, Refresher / Re-certification Training carried over as per the training calendar and Specialized Training as and when required.

Management Structure

AUYAN has committed and well experienced management personnel, who have versatile knowledge on our core service. We are very much committed to our business and maintain network with professional agencies as well as other companies in the industry to be inline with updated technology and standard. Currently AUYAN has more than 300 +trained professional force who are working at different projects across the country.

Dedicated Management Team for Client

To ensure high quality services for the clients. For this AUYAN assign dedicated Person of Contact (POC) for each project

Safety and Risk Cover

The Company maintains and operates a full and comprehensive Health & Safety policy and employees are adequately insured to meet the uncertainty, which may occur due to working in risky places, adverse circumstances etc. AUYAN has praiseworthy safety records with no major incident.

Compliant Hiring Process

Our strategic approach to quality protection begins at our selection process of the personnel. After thorough screening on records, references from previous employer’s suitable candidates are selected based on Educational qualification, technical experience, work history, background and other client-defined parameters. Only the qualified individuals are selected. Verification for any criminal background is conducted through police authorities. Records and photographs are archived personnel in our central database with appropriate retention policy.

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